Collective intelligence at the service of patient flows

Silbo breaks down silos to manage patient flows automatically.
Our platform anticipates and supports you in patient care.

Decisions that impact others

Each flow involves movement, freeing up a bed on one side and taking charge on the other.

Silbo allows coordinating the actions of teams and services to smooth and optimize their workload.

Decision support system

Patient flows are integrated into the teams’ schedules and the capacity of your services to provide all the necessary information for scheduling..

Thanks to Silbo, patient flows are mastered, and information is shared.

and anticipatory

In addition to visualizing all patient journeys in real time, Silbo allows you to anticipate patient flows and adapt patient journeys to improve care.

The challenge is to distribute the care load and workload as efficiently as possible.

Bed management

A bed available in the right department at the right time..

A bed management solution interfaced with your tools to control your activity.

Transparency on a territorial scale

Our solution provides a comprehensive and detailed view of the status of beds in your facilities, by department and by unit. Caregivers, both in emergencies and in services, have a reliable, real-time bed status accessible to all.

To anticipate and schedule

Caregivers can identify in advance periods of high tension on beds or the congestion of certain services. Decisions can be made to defuse these situations.

Optimize with performance indicators

Managers can adjust hospitalization modes and capacities with real-time monitoring of key indicators.

Stretcher transportation

Less than a minute to assign the right mission, at the right time, to the nearest available teams to the patient.

Optimisez les trajets de vos brancardiers. Mesurez vos activités et gagnez en efficacité. Réduisez les temps d’attente. Pilotez en temps réel.

Improvement in team coordination

Improvement in patient care and communication between different services. Better coordination of care journeys.

Valuation of the stretcher-bearer profession

Professionalize the stretcher bearer function and improve its organization, equip it with innovative solutions.

Efficiency and productivity, cost reduction

Reduce waiting times and delays for patients in the operating room or radiology.

Offer a better allocation of human and material resources.

Medical transport

A simple solution to automate the management of your external transports.

3 clicks and less than a minute to order transportation to another facility or for a return home..

Improved team coordination

Designed to simplify the daily life of staff and improve patient care.

Automation of transport requests

Missions automatically assigned to carriers.

20 minutes time savings for each ordered transport.

Outsourced regulation

A dedicated team 7 days a week, 100% of missions assigned.

Silbo revolutionizes the work organization in healthcare facilities.