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Antoine Bohuon

CEO of Silbo

“Taking care of those who care”

Silbo was born out of the desire to improve working conditions in healthcare facilities. We provide support to caregivers in managing patient journeys and decision-making assistance for all tasks related to patient flows in facilities.”

To offer an excellent experience to our users, our team listens, analyzes their needs. We explore future uses with users to simplify and optimize our solutions. Operational excellence is our priority; we must be demanding with ourselves to satisfy our partners.


Year of creation


Committed every day


Satisfaction of our partners




Simplicity is accessibility, elegance, innovation.


We have found our place in support of women and men who work in the service of patients.


We delve deep into issues to not overlook topics that impact performance.


We never let ourselves be defeated by difficulties and setbacks.

Job offers

“We are always looking for new talents to expand our team. Check out our offers or submit a spontaneous application by email!