The patient flow

The first centralized decision support solution to assist healthcare professionals in their daily tasks.
Bed management, ambulance ordering, tracking of stretcher handling, among other things, are simplified and optimized.

150 health facilities trust us.

How does it work?

Silbo is an all-in-one platform to manage patient flow.

Simple plateform

In just a few clicks, you can order medical transportation, request accommodation in a department, schedule an operating room slot… Silbo makes your life easier in all your daily tasks.


Silbo saves you from spending too much time on the phone or filling out forms.

Our solution allows you to manage all operations from the same tool. As a bonus, our teams are always available to support you when needed 


In addition to visualize all patient visits in real time, Silbo allows you to anticipate patient flows and adapt patient visits to improve care.

The Silbo adventure

Silbo was born out of the desire to improve working conditions in healthcare facilities. We provide support to healthcare professionals in managing patient visits and decision-making for all tasks related to patient flow in facilities.


« Silbo helps us in our daily lives

During the health crisis, we worked with Silbo on a solution for territorial bed management.

We can now check the availability of various health facilities in the territory, whether public or private. This has greatly contributed to the efficiency of upstream/downstream transfers. »

Patrice Large, CIO

GHT Eure Seine

« An indispensable tool today!

Using Silbo saves us time and allows us to refocus healthcare teams on patient care. »

Myriam Petit, Director of Care

Polyclinic of Europe

Silbo and OVHcloud take care of your data!

Silbo and OVHcloud take care of your data!

  ✍️ We strengthen our hosting offering and data sovereignty with OVHcloud, a key player in responsible digital technology. ☁️ Thanks to this new collaboration, we make the choice of a trusted, open, reversible, and transparent cloud. 🤝 In this way, we address...

New milestone for Silbo!

New milestone for Silbo!

  We are pleased to announce a new capital increase that supports the growth of the company. Five years ago, we started our business, and now more than 200 healthcare facilities trust us in patient flow management. We thank all of them! This fundraising allows us...